KBBPPS: Knowledge Based Bio-based Products’ Pre-Standardization

KBBPPS is a project focussing on pre-standardization research for bio-based products.

Standardization is an important tool in order to improve reliability of product quality, facilitate harmonisation of the industry and strengthen consumer confidence.

For the relatively young sector of bio-based products, there are no reliable standards in place yet that could serve as orientation for industry, policy makers or consumers. The sector is a complex one – which makes the challenge of creating such standards a big one, but which also underlines the necessity of doing so.

In order to tackle this lack of information, the KBBPPS project was created. Within three years, it will investigate testing methods for a variety of bio-based products that focus on biomass content, bio-based carbon content, bio-degradability and functionality.

The goal is to integrate the results of this research into further standardization work of CEN and possibly other international standardization bodies.