Production of BBE

The current pharmaceutical industry is a multinational, globalized industry producing drugs and medicines in a competitive market. Most major pharmaceutical companies have their headquarters in the United States or Switzerland.

The opportunities for the bio-based pharmaceuticals are for a portion at the replacement of the drugs, but also in the so-called “fillers”, and the solvents used for production.

The paper and paperboard industry has been using biomass as raw materials. In the production of paper and board in addition to wood typically used a relatively large amount of water and energy. The paper industry is very careful with raw materials. Sustainability is a necessity. Conservation and sustainable management of raw materials are there requirements. Without water timber and paper. Click here for more information.

Why use large amounts of energy as it can with less? Biomass already naturally contains valuable components which are formed by the incorporation of large amounts of energy (the sun).

The biomass feedstock can be for bulk (platform) chemicals, fine chemicals and specialties such as plastic additives. But also completely new chemicals with new and special properties can be produced from biomass. These green chemicals are not only beneficial to the producer (raw materials and energy), but are also better for consumers and the environment. Click here for more information.

Biofuels are not new, the first cars drove on bioethanol and biodiesel. Today, the production of transport fuels from renewable raw materials again in the spotlight. Due to the growing European market for biofuels and stringent sustainability requirements increasing interest from industry for the use of alternative technologies and new production routes. Click here for more information.

Electricity & Heat
About three quarters of the renewable energy produced in 2012 was derived from biomass. Renewable energy from biomass is largely derived from waste incineration plants (WIPs), co-firing in power plants, use of wood stoves and the use of biofuels in the transport sector. Click here for more information.