Paper & cardboard

The paper and paperboard industry has been using biomass as raw materials. In the production of paper and board in addition to wood typically used a relatively large amount of water and energy. The paper industry is very careful with raw materials. Sustainability is a necessity. Conservation and sustainable management of raw materials are there requirements. Without water timber and paper.

The paper industry is a leader in the Biobased Economy. No sector is so far the best (re) use of raw materials and waste. The industry think the cover made from product to cycle. The unique and durable properties of wood, paper and cardboard make this possible. When making paper industry fits sustainable principles:
• less materials and energy use is sought;
• when energy is then used as aware as possible and preferably by means of alternative energy and / or bio-energy;
• fossil fuels are needed these will be used as efficiently as possible.

Wood is a popular material for the Biobased Economy. The demand for it increases. Therefore, the Dutch paper and board industry looking for alternative renewable raw materials with which paper and cardboard can be produced. Read more on alternative raw materials. Paper and paperboard fit well within the Biobased Economy. Both the pulp of fresh wood and pulp from recycled paper biobased. The pulp is part of the CO2 cycle: trees absorb CO2 during growth. Only when combustion is CO2 free. By recycling the CO2 will be stored in the product.


In addition, cellulose is important. But what types of cellulose can you use for which applications? The report Cellulose, an endless source of possibilities “, released by order of the Biorenewables Business Platform offers a helping hand. The corresponding flyer shows that can be developed with the help of the tables, process routes in the report.