CEN/TC 411 Bio-based products

The main objective of the TC is to develop standards for bio-based products covering horizontal aspects. This includes a consistent terminology for bio-based products, sampling, bio-based content, application of and correlation towards LCA and sustainability of biomass used, and guidance on the use of existing standards for the end-of-life options. The work will take into account the CEN/BT/WG 209 report “Bio-based products” and the Mandates M/491 and M/492.
As the TC’s focus is horizontal standards, there is no intention to present threshold or default values. This is to be done by specific product standards or by political decision. The TC intends to develop classifications and guidance (on for instance product declarations).
The standardization deliverables in the short term are descriptive standards or test methods at horizontal level in the form of an umbrella standard consisting of multiple parts.
In parallel, the TC will develop Technical Specifications (TS) and Technical Reports (TR) for bio-solvents, in relation to the biodegradability, product functionality, impact on GHG emissions and the amount of different renewable raw materials and will conduct a review of already existing standards for bio-solvents. Apart from this vertical product standardization, the TC may well in the mid-term derive from its horizontal package standards for other type of intermediates and final products, such as bio-chemicals.
A certification scheme for bio-based products, identifying which characteristics can/should be assessed and how they should be reported, is to be developed as well.

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