Biobased content certification

One principal aspect of a bio-based product is its bio-based content. The bio-based content can be measured using the (future) European Standard (Fpr)EN 16785-1:2015, which specifies a method of determining the bio-based content in products, based on the radiocarbon analysis and elemental analysis. This method is applicable to any solid, liquid and gaseous product containing carbon.

At the moment a European committee of experts is in formation, which will develop a certification scheme for certification against EN 16785-1. This can be used for assessment of the claim of bio-based content by an independent third party (i.e. certifying body).
European stakeholders are invited to join this committee.


The project started in October 2015 with a kick-off meeting in Brussels and there will be follow-up meetings in November and December 2015 to finalize the certification scheme. Then the certification scheme will be validated in pilots before publication in March 2016.